You deserve the best!

Augustine & Co wants to help boost your self-esteem and your inner drive to want to accomplish great things. And this while promoting your moments of relaxation and offering you accessories to complete your outfits. Because we believe in your potential!

Let yourself be transported by the luxurious and intoxicating fragrances of our room fragrances. Our candles and figurines are made of soy wax so toxin free. Relax and enjoy a moment just for you.

Proudly honor your goddess hair with our wide scrunchies. Wear them in a bun or on the wrist, you are the fabulous heroine of your destiny.

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Enjoy with peace of mind

Fragrances without phthalates

No plastic residue will be left in the ambient air while using our candles. Take full advantage!

Products made from soy wax

Soy wax is a natural product, without  toxin. This wax is also known for its low and slow combustion which allows the candle to last longer.

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We are delighted to offer Augustine & Co items at wholesale prices.

Whether you have a boutique, plan to highlight an event, or offer corporate gifts.

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We are happy to discuss sizes, quantity and prices.

Thank you in advance for your interest in working with Augustine & Co!