Augustine & Co was born from a vision, from a desire to create a warm atmosphere in the comfort of your home. Its scents are intoxicating and will awaken your senses. Whether you want to relax by the fire at the end of a long day or enjoy a nice cup of tea while reading. 

Having this need to reinvent me as a woman, mother and wife, I decided to embark on this great adventure of creating so-called luxury candles. And this, by using creativity in the design of unique and distinguished fragrances. Thus, creating room fragrances that are either comforting or simply romantic. All oils used are phthalate-free and of superior quality. Enough to enrich your moments of relaxation, while keeping the environment safe. Our candles will be the accomplices of your moments of relaxation or romance. 

Enjoy in peace,



Why soy wax?

Our soy wax used is 100% natural, so no pesticides or GMOs. This wax is also known for its slow and low combustion. It allows better use of your candle. Soy wax is biodegradable, so no toxins in the air when burned, making them ideal for the environment.

Small gestures count.

Did you know that candles are protected during the mailing of biodegradable peanuts? They are made from cornstarch and potato flour. You can dissolve them in water or, simply put them in compost.

Don't hesitate to recycle the cardboard shipping box and give your container a second life once your candle is finished. Put your makeup removal accessories in it or make a small storage compartment above your dresser.